Our Story

What We Do

Genie’s Love Grocery Delivery Service: created for Seniors and their specific needs—is reimagining what shopping for and getting your groceries delivered looks like. We thought it was about time to add a bit more care to the entire process and challenge those common (and ever-increasing) delivery and service fees. So, we did just that.

Here are some of our secret ingredients:
  • Multiple ordering options
  • Personalized order review and confirmation
  • Flexible delivery scheduling
  • A familiar face every time
  • In-home assistance with grocery placement
  • No fees and no pre-payment required

How It Works

  • Browse products and weekly sales all from the comfort of home
  • Add items to your cart and keep track of your entire shopping list
  • Place your $10 minimum order online, call 771-201-2070, or use this simple form
  • Choose the delivery date and time that suits your schedule
  • We deliver to your door or inside your home if you prefer
  • Pay cash or credit upon delivery only for the cost of your order

*You read that right—no delivery or service fees during our initial trial period! We’re accepting donations only to help cover the cost of gas.

Why We Do It

Genie’s Love was founded in 2022 by myself, Justin, and my mother, Genie (yes, the Genie), as an answer to the noticeable lack of grocery delivery services catered specifically to Seniors. Like every great story though, ours started with just a simple act that—unbeknownst to our protagonist, Genie—would turn into something much, much more.

Back in the era of somewhat regrettable fashion and the rise of MTV and mix tapes (the 80s) our Genie was working at a Food Pantry in Charleston, SC. With her sights always set on bettering her community, she saw a need and delivered (literally). The Seniors in her area were oftentimes struggling to make it to the Pantry and pick up their goods. So, Genie took it upon herself to bridge that access gap and bring their much-needed groceries right to their homes.

As the decades went by and life took Genie in another direction, that same need never ceased. Although one large corporation after another began popping up to provide grocery delivery services, they were doing so at unaffordable rates and without the care required to attend to Senior-specific needs. Individual order attention, in-home assistance, cash payments, and the trust that comes with providing a community-based service were still severely lacking.

So, my mother and I began formulating a plan. We knew that to tick all the boxes the nationwide companies weren’t we had to take a more personal, safety-first approach. This meant all shopping and deliveries would be done by myself, my wife, or our family friend. It also meant that for people to feel comfortable with our feet in their doors, we had to do just that—get a foot in the door via the pillars of our own community—Congress Heights, Washington DC.

With this steadfast plan, my 20-year background in IT problem solving for the government, and Genie’s past experience, we were able to quickly get Genie’s Love off the ground. Through the magic that is word of mouth, our first orders started coming in and we were fortunate enough to begin making the lives of those around us easier—one grocery delivery at a time. Before we knew it, our customers were in the double digits, among them being the Commissioner for the Department of Aging. After leaving such a prestigious member of our community with a smile, we knew we had something special.

We’re extremely proud to be a company built from the support of our community and its leaders, and as we begin expanding to the entire DC area and Genie’s Love reaches even more front doors, our roots will always remain the same.