I just discovered Genie’s Love and let me tell you, I can’t recommend them enough! My son lives far away and can’t always bring my groceries to me. Justin confirmed my order and even brought my groceries into my home. Not to mention, he showed up with beautiful flowers as a thank you for using his service. I will absolutely use Genie’s Love again!

Virginia H.

I suffer from chronic back pain, so when I used to get my groceries delivered, I couldn’t pick up the 24 packs of water I always ordered. Justin from Genie’s Love not only got my order correct and delivered it when I requested, but he carried everything inside for me—including two 24-packs of water! It’s about time there was a grocery service like this. Thank you, Genie’s Love!

Rebecca S.

My recent back surgery has made grocery shopping impossible. Now with Genie’s Love, I can order the same exact items I would get myself at the store and not have to worry about how I’m going to get them inside. My back thanks you!

Richard R.

Delivery services these days are so expensive, but my options are limited because I don’t drive. The average $15 fee would go a long way somewhere else…and now it can! Genie’s Love only charged me for my exact order amount and I could pay in person, in cash. Highly recommend!

Regina R.

Easy ordering, no delivery fees, a friendly face, and they bring your groceries inside! What more could you ask for? I will definitely be using Genie’s Love again and thank you, Justin, for the flowers!

Irene D.

Justin is a staple of our community, which is why when I heard about Genie’s Love, I had to try it for myself. He’s really started something special here for the seniors in our area and I would definitely recommend his delivery services…in fact, I already have!

Sandra T.

At 98 years young, going out and getting my groceries isn’t something I can do anymore. After my son got sick, I really had no option but to use an expensive, impersonal delivery service. That is until Genie’s Love came along! They’ve taken such a weight off my shoulders!

Dorothy C.

I’ve wanted to drop off a donation at the local animal shelter for a while now but had no way of getting there. I’d heard about Genie’s Love and how they shop for and deliver groceries, so I gave them a call hoping they could help me out. Justin answered the phone and didn’t even hesitate to say yes to my special request! Thank you, Genie’s Love, for helping not only myself but our local animals in need.

Jessica S.